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Choice of log-in method

If you want to use Qualified signature - choose Qualified signature or iBOSS e-Podpis

If you want to use Unqualified signature - choose Unqualified signature or iBOSS e-Podpis

If you want to use Mobile application - choose Mobile application

ID number - Client's ID number

Fill the ID number field with your 8 digit ID number received from the BOŚ S.A. Branch.


If you use the Mobile application:

At the first login , enter the 8 character temporary login password in the Password field. Then following the instructions - you will be taken to the page where you can set your own password. It must be 4 to 8 characters long. The next time you log in, enter the password you set in the Password field.

Certificate - this is the certificate used for log-in and authorisation of orders in the e-banking system.

PIN - access code to the chip card.

In field PIN write in access code to the chip card.

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